Saturday 13th August, 2022

Bingo Game Cards

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Bingo Caller Bingo is a game played around the world in which each player has a game card with a set of numbers on, and as the numbers are called out at random the player marks the numbers off their card. Prizes are often awarded for various combinations of marked off numbers, such as all the corners, or a complete line, but the game's winner is the player to all of their numbers crossed out.

The version here is not an interactive game, rather it will generate a specified number of game cards from the key words that are entered. There have to be at least nine keywords (a full house), but giving twenty-five keywords will create a greater sense of competition, as only the boxed nine on each game card are those in play (the other words are included around the grid to keep pupils engaged with the game).

Further Information/References
Wikipedia: Bingo (UK)