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Blockbusters History
The game show Blockbusters first appeared in the US hosted by Bill Cullen in 1980 and ran for eighteen months. Its UK counterpart was more successful and ran from 1983 to 1993 with Bob Holness as the quiz master. Each game was played by three sixth form students who won prizes for themselves and their colleges. Subsequent series have been made for adult contestants, broadcast by BBC Two in 1997 (presented by Michael Aspel) and Sky One again in 2000 (presented by Liza Tarbuck), but these versions have failed to capture the same degree of popularity as the original UK incarnation.

The Game
The 'Classic' version on this site is in the same format as the TV game in which a solo player (white) competes against a pair of related contestants (blue) in a bid to prove whether two heads are better than one.

The board consists of 20 interlocking hexagons, arranged in five columns of four. Each hexagon contains letters of the alphabet. A contestant chooses one of the hexagons and is asked a question whose correct answer began with the chosen letter.

The game begins with a toss-up question to play for control of the board, starting with a letter that was chosen at random. The first contestant to buzz in with the correct answer gains control of that hexagon (changing it to their colour by by clicking on it once or twice), and is then given the chance to choose the next hexagon to play for. If the contestant answers incorrectly, the opposing team or player is given a chance to answer it.

The object of the game for the solo player (white) is to complete a vertical connection from the top of the board to the bottom; this requires at least four correct answers. The object for the pair (blue) is to make a horizontal connection from the left side of the board to the right; this requires at least five correct answers. The first player or team to complete their connection wins the game.

The 'Classic' game can be played with a group of players by dividing them into unequal sized groups: one third (white) and two thirds (blue). 'Blockbusters 25' allows two equally matched teams (white and blue) to compete to complete the appropriate vertical or horizontal connection.

The TV version had a bonus round, the 'Gold Run', in which each hexagon had a group of letters in them making up the initial letters of the answer phrase, in these online versions the bonus-style questions can easily be incorporated into the single game.

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