Saturday 13th August, 2022

Deal or No Deal

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Deal or No Deal The game starts with twenty-two numbered boxes each containing an unknown value between 1p and 250,000 which are then chosen by the twenty-two contestants. One contestant is then chosen to sit in the hot seat for that game with their chosen box. They then play a series of rounds in whic they chose to open the other boxes.

At the end of each round the Banker offers the contestant a sum of money to buy their box and end the game. The Banker's offer is based on the amount of cash left in the remaining boxes.

In the first round the contestant opens five boxes before the Banker makes the first offer; in the following rounds only three boxes are opened before the banker's offer.

The game can be played online as on the TV, but it can also be played with questions being shown before the contents of each box is revealed.

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